Philadelphia, PA • Since 1819

Founded in 1819, the Female Hebrew Benevolent Society is the oldest, Jewish charitable organization in continuous existence in the United States. Our core mission remains unchanged – to help Jewish women in financial crisis. During the fiscal year 2013-2014, over $123,800 was distributed to 199 women. Overhead not covered by directed donations was less than 1% of total expenditures.

  • Programs
    $55,533 distributed
    During the fiscal year that ended April 30, 2014, FHBS assisted 98 clients. One hundred and twenty-three grants were issued; the average grant was $452. Shelter, medical services and supplies and utilities continued to be the top requests for aid. Support for this program was provided by the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia.
  • Programs
    $16,325 distributed
    Ten women were assisted with grants of $125-$175 per month. Additionally, each woman received a $100 gift card from the supermarket of her choice to help with the cost of Passover food. Financial updates are required for all stipend recipients midway through the funding cycle.
  • Programs
    $20,725 distributed
    Eighty-six frail, elderly women gained peace of mind with the addition of a personal emergency response system to their telephone equipment, enabling them to remain safely in their own homes.
  • Programs
    $13,430 distributed
    Forty-two women received $50 gift cards to a pharmacy of choice. The program runs in six-month cycles, and most participants are continued for a second cycle on the recommendation of their case managers.
  • Programs
    $17,792 distributed
    FHBS enabled 44 children from 31 families to attend 16 different day and overnight camps. This program was funded by Camp Council, National Council of Jewish Women and Seed the Dream Foundation.

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