Founded in 1819, the Female Hebrew Benevolent Society is the oldest, Jewish charitable organization in continuous existence in the United States. Our core mission remains unchanged – to help Jewish women in financial crisis. During the fiscal year 2014-2015, over $129,918 was distributed to 260 women. Overhead not covered by directed donations was less than 1% of total expenditures.

  • Programs
    $55,353 distributed
    During the fiscal year that ended April 30, 2015, one hundred and twenty-two grants were issued on behalf of 99 different women.
  • Programs
    $19,364 distributed
    Thirteen women were assisted with grants of $125-$200 per month. Additionally, each woman received a $100 gift card from the supermarket of her choice to help with the cost of Passover food.
  • Programs
    $21,775 distributed
    Eighty-seven frail, elderly women gained peace of mind with the addition of a personal emergency response system to their telephone equipment, enabling them to remain safely in their own homes.
  • Programs
    $16,430 distributed
    Fifty-three women received $50 gift cards to a pharmacy of choice.
  • Programs
    $16,750 distributed
    FHBS enabled 41 children from 24 families to attend 13 different day and overnight camps.

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