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An Emergency Response System Summons the Rescue

Rose is a 93-year-old widow who was living in her own house in Northeast Philadelphia on August 28, 2011 when she was enrolled in FHBS’s Emergency Response System Program. She was assessed as “frail,” but not isolated because she had contact with the outside world several times a day. Her case manager describes Rose as “very social.” Her income of $1,137/month derived from Social Security and SNAP.

In March of 2014, FHBS received notification from Philips Lifeline indicating that Rose had “entered a hospital or rehab.” Her case manager confirmed that she had fallen for the third time, broken her hip and was in the hospital. Rehab was possible but it was too early for the attending physicians to make that decision. Rose’s version as quoted in the Questionnaire Feedback is as follows: … I fell a few months ago in my house and fell on the floor and crushed my hip. I passed out. My nephew found me and then I called my daughter. I don’t want to be a burden.”

At the beginning of May, Rose moved from rehab to her daughter’s house. The ERS went with her. In late August, Rose moved to the Philadelphia Protestant Home on a trial basis. With winter coming, her daughter wanted Rose to be in a place where she could get immediate help if needed. A visit a few days later confirmed that her mother was happy and doing well.

The equipment was returned to Philips Lifeline and FHBS received the following note:

“On behalf of my mother, Rose S., I wish to thank you for having paid for Mom to have Lifeline these past few years. She and our family have greatly appreciated the security and peace of mind she had using Lifeline. She survived Dad by 30-years and economics became difficult. Thank you for caring and your kindness.

Sincerely, her daughter, Judy L.”

Written by Judy Richards