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Making a Difference for Rosa

Rosa is an 88-year-old widow, who lives in subsidized senior housing in Northeast Philadelphia. Her monthly income, derived from Social Security, is $1,175; she has $1,000 in savings. Her care manager applied to FHBS for a grant to cover a dietary supplement. She wrote: “This client has a gastrointestinal blockage that she states is a long-term consequence of her experiences during World War II. She is too frail for surgery, and her diet is limited to soft, white foods and clear liquids. Ensure gives her strength and energy. One can each day is a vital part of her nutrition.” Two cases of Ensure will be shipped directly to Rosa every three-months at an annual cost to FHBS of $601.92. When the first shipment arrived, Rosa called her care manager to share what a major difference it has made in her life. After taking the supplement again for just two days, she said, “I feel like a completely different person… My ankles are so swollen, but without Ensure I couldn’t even lift them off the stool. Now I can.”

Written by Eileen S. Sklaroff