Philadelphia, PA • Since 1819

Emergency Response Systems

$21,541 distributed

The idea of being alone and something happening to me is frightening.  Having the device is comforting to me. ~S.B., age 87

It gives me such a feeling of safety and security to have it – and peace of mind  ~D.B., age 71

Since I am home alone, the security is like gold. I especially wear it in the shower. It gives me a sense of security.  ~M.W., age 83

Eighty-six frail, elderly women gained peace of mind with the connection of a personal emergency response system to their telephone equipment, enabling them to remain safely in their own homes. Fourteen different women placed 55 calls for assistance. When a woman pushes her call button, FHBS is notified by fax, and in turn, alerts the client’s care manager. The cost per client per year is $300-$336 depending on whether she has a landline or a mobile phone. Support for this program was provided by the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia.