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Even With A Caring Family, Old Age Can Be Cruel

In her late 90s and frail, Dena is a resident of a senior community where she is seen every other day by a social worker. Her daughters, who live locally, speak with her daily on the phone. Yet, when Dena fell during the night in September 2015, she was all alone for close to 15-hours and unable to call for help. When her oldest daughter could not reach her by phone, she came to her mother’s apartment where she found her on the floor, dehydrated and soiled. This was followed by four days in the hospital and two weeks in rehab.

Dena has many medical issues that come with living a long life: hearing loss, incontinence and frailty. She requires a home health aide and a physical therapist, both of whom come to her apartment. For those times when the aide is not there, she relies on an Emergency Response System. Dena fears that she will not be able to pay for the ERS and other services. To lighten the financial burden on Dena and her daughters, FHBS agreed to cover the cost of the ERS. This will not only ease concerns about another fall, but also help her family continue to provide for her financial needs.

Together with the family, FHBS can make a difference and bring peace of mind to all concerned.

Written by Judy Richards