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$50 Doesn’t Seem Like A Lot, But…

Grace is a 55-year-old woman who moved to Philadelphia from Lakewood, New Jersey in December of 2013. At that time, her daughter, who lives locally, was paying for her to live in a studio apartment in Center City. Divorced with only a little over $1,000/month to cover expenses, including Social Security, part time employment and SNAP, Grace moved to an apartment managed by Project HOME. In June of last year, a falling out with her daughter resulted in loss of financial support and total estrangement. Grace’s monthly income barely covers her $837 rent. In better times, she had a successful crafts line and still tries to sell some of her pieces on the internet. Currently, Grace walks a friend’s dog to earn extra money. Her $50/month CVS gift card will cover vitamin supplements, medicinal creams and remedies for her back pain.

Written by Eileen S. Sklaroff