Philadelphia, PA • Since 1819

After 196-years, our mission is still relevant for today’s young women

Tanya Bradley, a student at Loyola University Chicago, won a $500 prize in a drawing to donate to a charity of her choice. She opted for the Female Hebrew Benevolent Society! Tanya explained her choice in an email to FHBS President Eileen Sklaroff: “I knew I wanted to donate to a charity that helped women, especially those who are Jewish like me. My great-grandmother came to this country during the Holocaust with only 5 dollars in her pocket. I know having an organization like this would have helped her. I want to contribute to helping women like my great-grandmother in any way possible. I hope the money I donated can help a woman in need realize that even though life can be hard, there are people to help guide you through the struggle and that it will turn out okay.”

Tanya simply and eloquently explained the raison d’etre for FHBS. We’re here to help women in need.

Written by Judy Richards