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Betty is a 63-year-old, disabled woman who was living frugally on $1,579 a month from Social Security Disability payments. She fell behind in her rent and utilities and sought help through OVR to obtain a part-time job, increasing her monthly income by $480. Unfortunately, it was too little, too late, and her electricity was shut off in March. When Betty sought the help of the Jewish Family and Children’s Service, FHBS was contacted and paid $670 to restore service. PECO then set up a monthly payment plan that was affordable.

Though Betty was extricated from this latest disaster, she lives under the pressures that come with growing debt. In addition to the basic costs of food and shelter and phone, she has the added expenses of a 12-year-old car, medical bills and health insurance. With no family to help, Betty finds herself in this stressful state each month. Thanks to our donors, we can be there for her when she’s in a pinch.

Written by Judy Richards