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Pharmacy Stipend Program Begins Eighth Cycle

Beth is a 78-year-old, divorced woman who relocated from Florida, where she was living with her second, emotionally and physically abusive husband. When one of her sons, also a resident of Florida, learned of his mother’s situation, he and his mentally challenged daughter came to visit. Infuriated by the attempted intervention, the stepfather, a former New Jersey police officer, shot Beth’s son in the chest and killed him. Beth borrowed $13,000 to pay for an expedited divorce and left the state. The debt was repaid through a special program, but she is restricted from obtaining a credit card again. Beth lived with another son in New Jersey for three years while waiting for an opening in a Federation Housing building. Her monthly income from Social Security and a city pension is $1,835. Beth suffers from Crohn’s Disease, Lupus and diabetes. She has a history of breast cancer, back surgery and a bladder implant. She goes for Remicade infusions every two months and also takes calcium, vitamin D and other supplements. Additionally, Beth uses incontinence products. Her social worker wrote: “ Rite Aid gift cards would be very helpful.” Thanks to continued support from The Legacy Fund of SJCC Bnai Aaron, Beth and 29 other women will receive a $50 pharmacy stipend for the next six-months.

Written by Eileen S.  Sklaroff